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Ultimate Back To School Tech Guide!

What’s up guys, Lou here, and as you can tell the space is a little cramped right now — thats because I have teamed up with Best Buy to put together the ultimate back to school gadget guide These are my picks. And I’ve got a reason for every single one. So, stick around and let’s get into it. This is from the RL series, Ben Q. Now, I chose this one for a couple of reasons. Its an incredible gaming monitor. It has some of the best input lag.

Or lack of input lag. Of any monitor on the market. That means, when you have an input on your controller, some kind of instruction, a button press etc. It’s going to happen on screen incredibly quickly. That’s different than response time, but when it comes to response time, this thing is quick as well – 1 millisecond, to be more specific. So its a 27 inch display Its got dual HDMIs, so a couple of different sources. Another cool feature, witch is this little hook on the side and this is used to house your headphones.

So you always know where they are, and they’re up off the desk, and out of your way. Now on the back. you also have, a headphone out and a line in. It sort of acts like a mini reciever, if you will. It’s also got a DVI port, and a traditional VGA port. So there are some options for interfacing with some other stuff. I almost forgot to mention is this little ridge here This might just look like a design feature But, check this out.. There’s actually some rubber up here..

And That’s gonna be the perfect spot To house Your controlers A really, well thought out little feature Your always looking for a place to put these BenQ RL series My monitor choice for the ultimate dorm room Next up We have a mouse This is my favorite right here The MX Master from Logitech Incredibly comfortable These are sort of leaders in the space When it comes to precision mousing I said precision “mousing” Plus this can use bluetooth or a receiver It’ll work on Mac or PC, and, It can be paired to multiple devices at once.

This thumbwheel on the side For horizontal scrolling You’ve also got this really unique free-spinning wheel In your tradition scroll wheel section here Very satisfying clicks This is just a fantastic package Up to 40 days of battery life If you want the best in the business It is probably the MX Master from Logitech So this gets my vote for the mouse choice In this ultimate back to school gadget guide What do we have next AJ? It’s an external hard drive I know.. not the most exciting thing in the world, but… Your gonna be doing alot of work and It’s not any good to you if you lose it all So this is a place to back it up It’s also a place for all your multimedia You know I’m always thinking about the entertainment side as well This is a one 1 terabyte, thunderbolt bus powered drive In this case that means up to 110mbps transfers It’s a little bit rugged as well, so if you do drop it, bump it, it has a little bit of extra protection Lastly, the cable is built right in… it sort of just slides around the outside and there’s a little – is it a flap? It’s a cover, that keeps it contained.

Say you happen to your friends… dorm room and they don’t have computer but you still want to share files this still has USB on it USB to be specific so no matter what computer you’re interfacing with recovered so I talked a little bit earlier about entertainment and I think it’s important for your dorm room lifestyle your back-to-school lifestyle it really all starts right here this is a playstation 4 i’m sure you’ve seen one before combo kit comes with the new batman arkham knight heard fantastic things about this game this was a very tough decision going with the playstation 4 over the xbox one obviously they’re very passionate people on either side of the console spectrum there are many cross platform games available and i think the most important thing to consider when deciding on the console you want to take with you off to your college just consider which one of your friends on which one are they gaining on and then that’s probably the best one for you in my case its PlayStation headphones very important have a very intimate relationship with my headphones this is the new version of a pair of Sony’s that i’ve been using for a year now maybe over a year the MDR ZX 770 BTW this is their latest in wireless bluetooth headphones now the reason I’ve chosen these is because they’re versatile they can be used with a wire or without they also don’t feature active noise cancellation I’ve never been a huge fan of active noise cancellation requires more battery life gives you that odd sense of of compression on your years at least for some people know this is this is subjective they make an active noise-cancelling version it’s got a microphone in it too so when you pair this with your cell phone you can go ahead and answer phone calls now this is going to work with your PlayStation as well as your laptop with or without cables and as you can see here even has NFC that’s one of my favorite features it means that when you want to pair with a new device say your phone for example i hope it features NFC simply tap the two were then paired and you’re listening to your favorite podcast or whatever it is that you do with headphones these are capable of up to 17 hours battery life and in my testing they get very close to that so as you imagine you’re not charging them that often and you pretty much always have juice when you need it seventeen hours to go to Tokyo can i get to Tokyo 17 hours tokyo baby you’re probably going to need a backpack to carry all this stuff around this one is from a company called the wall I hope I’m pronouncing that correctly there are sweet in this one sort of checks all the boxes for things should be looking for and include something that’s a little bit unusual this safe zone up here which is like a hard portion for storing something like sunglasses or important electronics & gadgets as you can see here to put sunglasses back here you put your phone up top it’s also water resistant so if it rains should be ok on the inside of this little pocket here you can feel there’s like a coating plastic coating so that water hopefully when penetrate and zippers themselves very satisfying you have a big compartment in the back or a laptop as well as an ipad and this front compartment here some organizational stuff for pens various school-related stationary and then there’s a really big main compartment as well you’ll likely be using for text books unfortunately sound very important I’m a big fan of sound and this is going to improve it compared to save the speakers on your phone or your laptop it’s the JBL pulse and what’s special about it compared to other bluetooth speakers is that it lights up your college and you might do a little bit of partying and when you show up with this thing people are going to know i’m going to see the the lights moving along like an equalizer they’re going to know that you mean business party business now often people think that a bluetooth speaker will only work with bluetooth but many of them like this one actually have an auxiliary input as well meaning you could connect this to the stationery set up that I proposed earlier with the bank you monitor and even the laptop and playstation and everything connected you can take auxiliary out from the monitor and that will essentially take both of your hdmi inputs from your computer as well as your Playstation and send that audio through to this speaker which is going to be better than either of those things independently that said this works incredibly well as a bluetooth speaker also somebody comes over to visit you and your setup they might be visiting your set up first and then you the 15 they can connect to be a bluetooth on their smartphone and stream music that way so it’s a versatile solution without the need for a lot of outboard gear something that’s easy to travel now this one is not something that you absolutely need this is just something that I’m really into in a very intense way this is the new rx100 from Sony pretty much the best pocket camera ever made the perfect companion to a wonderful college experience this thing has an incredible lends an incredible sensor and now shoots 4k video and high frame rate video for slow motion stuff with the giant aperture on the lens you’re going to have a much easier time taking pictures in low light which is probably what you’ll be dealing with at those parties i’m talking about the new rx100 mark or from another camera this is a different kind of camera meant to actually stay in your space it’s the new camera from nest which has an incredibly wide field of view this is going to help you to protect all this stuff I’m talking about very important comes with a slick application for checking in on your space right you know seeing if anything unusual going on you can also set up alerts so you’re the first to know anything fishy goin down why have all this cool stuff if you’re not even going to protect it cables a necessary evil but believe it or not something that I’m incredibly excited about I like innovations in the cable space in a few of these here are representations of that one of my favorite manufacturers happens to be tilt for that very reason you can see this flip duo here is not only both a micro USB and lightning cable but it also now has a reversible USB connector so you can’t plug it in the wrong way that is a win my friends also from tilt this flat short cable which believe it or not is incredibly convenient it will never be tangled when you’re looking for it and when you don’t move that extra cabling this is a way to stay organized we’ve also got this battery pack one of my favorites again it’s very slim and it has built-in cables so built in lightning as well as micro USB his fits in your back pocket incredibly slender one of my favorites couple of extra hdmi and audio cables can’t go wrong with those and then my new favorite accessory this surge protector from belkin which features rotating this rotating outlets so no matter how big your power bricks are you can actually use all the outlets at UK for you know the drill you need power a phone this is the bonus round you might already have a phone but if you don’t and you’re looking for one to complete the ultimate gadgets set up for back to school this probably it this is my favorite this is what’s in my pocket it’s the s6 active a tough rugged version of the galaxy s6 from Samsung this one is going to give you water resistance is going to give you a little bit of extra shock resistance as well overall great package fast incredible camera that’s my smartphone choice for the ultimate back to school gadget guide so there you have it my ultimate back to school gadget guide for 2015 i hope you guys found this useful if you did make sure to leave a thumbs up down below big thanks to best buy for making this video possible all of this stuff is available on bestbuy.com I’ll have all the relevant links down in the description if you want to check out pricing and availability on any of this stuff hopefully you pick something up and it improves your college experience potentially making it the best college experience possible thanks again guys I’ll catch on the next episode later

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