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Will Smith Tries Online Dating

– Thank you for coming. This is beautiful. I’ve wanted to meet you for a really, really long time. And being here with you in the Cayman Islands, I gotta say, I’m feeling a little something. (romantic piano music) I’ll just put that there. You can grab it later if …

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10 Jobs Artificial Intelligence Can’t Take Away From Humans

Let’s face it. Pretty soon, robots will take over the world, and humanity will become a distant memory. The good news is, by the time technology catches up to The Terminator, we will already be dead. Artificial Intelligence is invading human territory to take our jobs away, but these robots …

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Artificial Intelligence and the Technological Singularity

Hiya meatbags! This is Faisal, an ultra-intelligent cybernetic life form sent from the far future to educate the dumb humans of this era. In this video, I’m going to teach you about Artificial Intelligence and Technological Singularity. So without any further ado, let’s get started. Artificial intelligence or AI is …

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