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CES 2017 – LG goes big on IOT, AI and Cloud

Hi! We’re here at the LG booth at CES AI, IOT and cloud These are the buzz words for LG this year and they feature prominently in their product lineup to make it a whole lot smarter LG unveiled its very own home assistant, the Hub robot It connects you …

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4 Rules For Buying a 4K TV!

Swoosh, Swoosh, “Excellent!” When buying a new TV the most important specs are its resolution… it’s size, and its price. For this video I’m going to assume that the resolution that you want… Is 4K and after that you should get the TV that has the largest screen size possible …

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How does the rollable TV work?

Our CES 2019 coverage is brought to you by D brand their grip cases and prison screen protectors mean 360 degree protection for your phone check them out at the link below so we are here in the LG secret meeting room whatever it is this was the only place …

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