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The Ocean Cleanup Technology, Explained

trillion pieces of plastic float at the surface of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Here, The Ocean Cleanup is deploying the world’s first technological solution to this growing problem. The principle behind it is simple: create a coastline where there are none… concentrate the plastic… and take it out. The …

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10 Jobs Artificial Intelligence Can’t Take Away From Humans

Let’s face it. Pretty soon, robots will take over the world, and humanity will become a distant memory. The good news is, by the time technology catches up to The Terminator, we will already be dead. Artificial Intelligence is invading human territory to take our jobs away, but these robots …

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New Zealand’s Rise as a Tech Giant

Oh oh This is Muriwai Beach in New Zealand This is a sheep and this is gandalf Most people come to new zealand to check out the country’s unmatched beauty and to get their middle-earth fix and that makes perfect sense But on this trip. I’m hunting for something else …

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