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Favorite Tech of 2018!

– Guess who’s here! – It’s SuperSaf from SuperSaf TV. – This is so much fun, so welcome to Los Angeles. The day that you got here, it was an awful downpour. – I’m sorry. – You brought this. – I’m sorry, it just follows me wherever I go. The …

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Hey guys it’s just Dayton today we were doing one of the most massive tech hauls that I’ve ever done this unboxing is absurd I got so many things over the holidays and a bunch of the stuff I got last year and I hadn’t got a chance to check …

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Linus Tech Tips INSANE Studio Tour!

Hey guys I’m here with Linus and guess where we are so that’s where you would say like hey we’re here at my studio you know what you’re talking to them yeah it’s like a conversation studio this is gonna go really really well so you guys might remember Linus …

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