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4 Rules For Buying a 4K TV!

Swoosh, Swoosh, “Excellent!” When buying a new TV the most important specs are its resolution… it’s size, and its price. For this video I’m going to assume that the resolution that you want… Is 4K and after that you should get the TV that has the largest screen size possible …

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The Earth is Not Alone – Space Documentary HD

The earth is not alone in the last few years Scientists have found that our planet is just one of billions out there in the Milky Way galaxy There’s a really decent chance that there are more planets in the galaxy than there actually are stars We’re now scouring these …

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Get Free TV Channels Live with this Great Tech Hack

Today how to get free HDTV and cut the cord and with this free TV I have an antenna DIY deal you don’t want to miss period this shows provokes a television show we hide the deal guy Matt granite don’t worry it’s a Canadian channel I just thought I’d …

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