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Why We Need Counter-Drone Tech Now More Than Ever

By 2022, the FAA expects we’ll have million drones flying in the U.S. That’s because drones are enormously helpful; in Aerial Photography, scientific research, even farming and firefighting. But with so many drones in the sky, sometimes, things go wrong. It’s very public knowledge that airports are getting more and …

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How to Get Free Cable (All Channels)

Hey, what’s up guys? I’m theo Joe and in this video I’m going to show you how you can get all cable channels for free No matter what cable company you have by basically tricking your cable box into passing all Cable channels to you even if you don’t subscribe …

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How To Get FREE Cable Tv Channels March 2019

Okay in this video I figured out a way to catch high-def channels without buying a hi-def antenna so what I did was I took basically a piece of speaker wire as long as this the copper copper : I took it spot 5 foot I didn’t measure it but …

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How AI Could Reinforce Biases In The Criminal Justice System

Accusations of bias in the criminal justice system are nothing new. From the war on drugs, to the use of force in policing, to the sentencing process, studies show that people of color and low-income residents are disproportionately impacted. So why not leave the tough decisions to an algorithm that …

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