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Favorite Tech of 2018!

– Guess who’s here! – It’s SuperSaf from SuperSaf TV. – This is so much fun, so welcome to Los Angeles. The day that you got here, it was an awful downpour. – I’m sorry. – You brought this. – I’m sorry, it just follows me wherever I go. The U.K. weather just follows me, I’m sorry. – I can’t believe it. But today, we’re doing something really fun.

I originally told you that were gonna do a gift guide, but then I forgot what I had told you. We’ve got just some stuff here sitting on my desk. These are a few of my favorite things, a few of your favorite things. We should just start. My top favorite thing this year has been the new Apple watch. – Oh yeah. – I am obsessed. The watch OS5, I’ve loved doing the competitions. I have become so disgustingly obsessed with the Apple watch and competing against my friends in fitness activities, that I think I’ve lost all my friends.

– I’ve seen them pop up on Twitter, like where you’re just with Jenna and Marquez. It’s just like, I wish I was part of that but I don’t have an Apple watch, I’m sorry. – It’s okay, you have another watch that was your favorite. – I do have another watch. This is my favorite smart watch, which is the Samsung Galaxy watch. I primarily use Android. We’re still friends though, which is cool, right? But I, well. (laughs) – Note I did not give an answer. (laughs) – But I mean what I love about it is the rotating bezel. I just think that’s the easiest way to navigate a smart watch and it’s also a great battery. I’m easily getting three days, sometimes four days and I don’t like charging something else. I already– – Four? – Yeah, yeah. – Three or four days? – Yeah, yeah, which is really cool, because I have so many smartphones to charge and then it’s like, because this is like three days I just don’t have to worry about it. – I will say that battery life is pretty good. I mean, I get pretty much a full day with this, but – Yeah, which is not bad, but then you have to charge it every night, right? – I mean, I charge my phone every night, so I have an Apple watch and phone charging dock station, so yeah.

– Okay, maybe I need to get one of those. – Maybe you do. – Next time. – But it’s okay. Yeah, you gotta get one so we can compete. Well Marquez, he burns like 1,000 calories before noon. I’m like, what are you doing? – Yeah, well he does Ultimate Frisbee, right? – Next up. – That’s some phones. – There’s a lot of phones that came out this year.

– There is a lot. – What was your favorite? – Well there’s a few favorites, but ones that I’m using right now, especially because I’m traveling, is the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. – This is the first time I’m seeing it in person. – In this beautiful twilight color. – Wow, can I touch it? – If you’d like, go for it. – Oh I’m burning up, I just burst into flames. – I think the best thing about this is the battery life. It’s the best battery life that I’ve used in a smart phone. Now I’m out here in LA, I can have my home SIM. I can also have my SIM here, the triple cameras, the ultra-wide is so awesome. I love the ultra-wide for a lot of things. – Well obviously you guys know, I’m a huge iPhone fan and there were so many phones that came out this year for the iPhone. We had the iPhone 10S, the 10S Max, and of course the 10R, which I thought the 10R was great. I think for what it is, it’s a pretty great phone.

– It is. – But my go to is I’m not gonna tell you, because it’s gonna be in a video on your channel. – Oh yeah, shhhh, one of these three. – One of these. – Guess. – Guess which one it is. – Take a pick. Phones, done, next up we’ve got some tablets here. – We do, it’s been a good year for tablets as well. – It has been, there’s been a lot of fun stuff, so obviously the iPad Pro is beyond incredible. It has made me love using the iPad again. – It is, it’s really good. I’m somebody who uses a pen a lot, even when I’m editing on the PC and stuff, so having the Apple pencil is just something that’s really cool for me. – Wait, you edit with a pen? – I do edit with a pen. – And you edit on a PC? – I, yeah. – How did I let you in the door? There is a metal detector. – How are we friends? – That’s like, it’s a PC, Android detector. – I’m here talking about Android and PC and Adobe Premier Pro.

– Ooh. – This is… – Adobe Rush. – Oh yeah. – They did a really great job on the app, but I don’t understand why did they not allow you to speed up footage? – They need to do that; hopefully, I mean it’s new. I’ll give it a chance. – So iPad Pro. – iPad Pro, yeah, super fast and I mean, I’ve been using ProCreate just to do some doodling. I used to do that before as well, so it’s kind of got me back in with that side of being more creative, so it’s really cool. Like 120 hertz refresh rate, you actually notice it coming from something else.

It is really good. – Speaking of something else, this is actually another thing that I’ve been really liking, is the Microsoft Surface Go. It’s just, it’s so small, so compact, it’s portable. – And it’s black. – It is, the matte black. – The matte black just looks so good. – So good. – As you may have been able to tell, I really like the color black, so yeah, I love it. – Me too actually, so yeah. – It’s kind of nice with the contrast, the white background. – It does yeah. – It’s cool. – But the matte black is incredible. I love the stylus.

I just really do love that I can actually play Fortnite with this, which was kind of shocking to me. Not incredibly well, but it still ran Fortnite. – It is pretty cool and I too like Microsoft’s hardware, just how everything’s built. – Everything that they’re doing with the Surface, they just look really good. – They do. – The Surface Studio, oh my gosh. – Oh, I need to try, I’ve not tried that. – It’s beautiful, do you want me to bring it over here? – Let’s just bring it over here. – That might be a little aggressive. (laughs) It’s over at my desk right now. – It is pretty awesome. – But the Surface Studio, I love everything that they’re doing with Surface, so I may be a huge iPhone fangirl, but I’m also an Xbox and Studio girl too, so let’s not forget.

– It’s good to have a balance isn’t it? – It is. – Yeah. – What else do we have? – So, we have earphones. I love the earbuds, but they don’t stay in my ears. I have weirdly shaped ears, so I need something that actually stays in. So I’ve been using the Gear IconX. – Ooh, I haven’t actually seen these. – 2018s. Yeah, so what I really like about these is they stay in my ear, because of this little hook.

And they have storage built in. So you’ve got four gigabytes built in to the earphones themselves, so if you don’t have your phone with you, you can still have some music playing in your earphone. I don’t think everybody likes them, but, yeah, I like them – But as long as you like them, that’s okay. But speaking of headphones, there’s another pair of headphones that came out this year, actually not too long ago.

They’re the Dolby Dimension headphones. So you can connect three different things to them, and you just can press the button. And they’re super soft, but what I like about this, is that it has this thing called LifeMix. What’s your favorite song? – What’s my favorite song? – Or like, what’s your favorite band? – I just listen to anything that sounds good. – Okay. Do you like heavy metal? – I don’t like heavy metal. – Okay.

– One thing that I think we do have in common is that I always listen to censored versions of songs. – Yes. – I don’t know anybody else who did that, because when you tweet that, I was like finally, somebody else, one other person in the world that does that. – I do, because it’s so aggressive. Well this is a nice little song, okay so here put it on. – Okay cool. – It’s cool, sounds nice huh? – I have no audio. – Okay. – I literally got no – Okay well put them back on, okay. Now can you hear me? – Now I can hear you pretty clearly. – Right? – I can hear you more clearly than normal. – It’s so weird, this microphone – It’s pretty cool – Isn’t it cool? – Yeah. – The first time I actually experienced this I fell on the floor. – That was so cool, like so if you need to hear what’s going on around you, – Oh I can hear you, so shocking. – It is. – It is so weird. – It is quite weird, it’s like picking it up from the mics and then playing it back over the music so it’s like – That’s exactly what it’s doing.

– Yeah, I need to give you a pair of those. – It’s pretty cool. Headphones, check. What about, what else, what have you been storing, ah I’m baiting you right now, so what have you been storing your files on lately? – So I’ve been using the Samsung T5, which I absolutely love but I know you’ve got newer version with Thunderbolt 3? – I held off until I was like, buy. This is basically, my whole life revolves around editing and the faster you can transfer footage or you can edit the more I can get done, so this is the X-5. The only downside is it is really expensive. – I think with these things will come down in price. – Only two terabytes which is also sort of a problem, because I feel like, you know, we’re shooting at 4K and all this high-res stuff and it eats away super quick.

– It does, it’s funny how you said only two terabytes which you know for a lot of people would be like “only two terabytes?!?” But yeah, when you’re editing 4k footage. – I mean this probably has three project files on it and like that’s it. Now we’re gonna go on to some cameras. There has been so many smaller cameras lately. – Yup. – And this is probably my favorite, this just recently came out. – Oh, this is the first I’ve seen it, this is quite a sight. – This is the Osmo Pocket. – That is cool, that is small. – So small. What’s great is you can just plug it right into your phone too. – Awesome, and so it’s got a light, that can change, right? – Yeah so it can be a USB-C or micro USB and adjust. And then the app pops up, like this is it, Oh hey! – Who’s this guy? How did you get in here? – You’re like I came here to help with the camera stuff but – It’s all automated.

– It does it itself. – She’s already got it sorted. Awesome. – Like it’s so smooth. – This is really cool. – Speaking of DJI, obviously they are known for their drones. – Of course. – Two really great drones this year, The Mavic Pro and the Mavic Pro Zoom. – Yeah having a zoom does, there’s so many use cases like if you try to do something but you can’t really get too close if there’s wildlife that’s gonna run away or something you can use that zoom, the dolly zoom, that’s so awesome, that just gives you so much more scope – Yeah. – When you’re out filming. – I just recently took a Ford Raptor out in the desert and went off-roading and this is the most fun that I’ve had ever and the tracking was so incredible.

Most of these shots I took, right here I’ll show you guys, these are mostly shot with the Pro. (inspiring music) You guys wanna go for a ride? – Alright so we’ll see you later. – Be right back. – Let’s go. – I wanna go fast, but we’re in LA traffic. – We have like pass so fast, we have to slow down. – We’re going to Venice, right? – I don’t know – Sure. – This, this is what I’m talking about. – Yeah, oh maybe there’s something on Main Street. – Hello. – Oh gosh. – Good driver. – She’s a very good driver. – No, no. – Seat belts are on. – Need the harness. – Excuse me why would you pull out in front of me? – Should have brought the – You don’t see? We’re in a Rapta. – Back from the ride, oh what else, oh the Insta 360 One X, I actually used this in the desert too and this one actually just came out. This is the Apple version, so this is the one they have at the Apple stores.

But this thing is amazing, like I have been using the Insta360 One X the first version – I saw that, yeah. – Oh that was the Insta360 One, this is the Insta360 One X – One X. – Not ten. – The X is just getting confusing isn’t it? – I can’t handle it. – I wonder what the next iPhone is gonna be called. – We can’t, I can’t think about that yet, I’m still recovering from iPhone mania this past few months. But this thing’s great, so this does 360 all the way around but it’s really cool because you can sort of do the goPro, do like the overcapture. Let’s just – Should we just unbox it right now? – Yeah let’s just do it. Can we get some knives please? – Here you go, here’s the knife man. – Ooh, let’s see, which one. – Select a knife today madam. May I recommend the purple? Particularly good today. – So this is a bread knife. – Everybody needs a knife man. – Well let’s not use the bread knife. – This was not iGood. – No we’ll use it, let’s go. – Let’s fire him. – You have one job to do. – You have one job. – One job.

Kevin look at this, this is a great beautiful mountain – That is a pretty cool knife. – It’s serene – Okay, alright. I’m pretty impressed with that precision. Just when I said that, just when I said that. – I’m like, I need to get a new desk ‘cause I have jammed so many knives in it. – Yeah, yeah I have that problem, that’s the problem with a white desk as well. – Okay. – Okay, it’s really suctioned in there. – How many Youtubers does it take to open a box? – I don’t know – We’re supposed to be good at this, we’re supposed to be professionals Justine, what are we doing? – Ooh, ooh – Nice. – This is has a new tripod too. I should put the knife away. – Yeah, yeah that’s a good idea.

– I’m super hyped because the one I had before only had one battery, it didn’t have this nice tripod, wow wow wow, so this is the Apple Store bundle, this is actually super nice. This is a bullet time stick – Oh. – So it does bullet times, swing it around your head. – Is that safe? – Well you need to be aware of your surroundings. – Yeah, you just like, whoosh. – Yeah. – Alright, cool. – So. Oh! – But it expanding – It does, it does, it expands. Ow, too, and extra battery, oh my goodness, oh wow so many little goodies, oh boy I’m so excited. – That’s another cable, that’s the Apple cable and that’s the – Ooh. That goes into the camera and then it goes right into your phone.

– Cool. – And there’s even one for you. – Oh, thank you. – For your little not iPhone. – For not iPhones and for iPhones, there you go. – See that’s the Insta360 One X, it’s incredible, you definitely have to check it out. – I will be. – I think that you’ll have so much fun, let’s go stick this outside the Ford Raptor. (upbeat music) ♪ Let’s go ♪ (upbeat music) – Did we talk about all the things? – I think that’s everything isn’t it. Have we forgotten? – Yes – We forgot the thing – We did. – I was trying to get it out of my bag but I couldn’t do it quietly. – Oh, he’s got – Yeah. – We can actually show it. – Yes cause we’re using it. So this right here, this is the A73 that came out this year and it’s been my go-to camera. Come in, let’s chat about it. – This is just my job now. Here it is. – Do you wanna talk about it? – It’s beautiful. – It really is beautiful, the auto-focus is, oh nice lens.

– Yeah, it’s your recommendation actually. – I’m an enabler. – You are an enabler. – The day they actually shot, shot one of my videos with this, looked obscure, so would I wanna buy it? But it doesn’t have a third shutter speed and that’s my only thing, that’s my only criticism. – Trust me, it’s everyone’s criticism. – Yeah, I mean, it comes out this much it can’t be that hard to flip it over. – I know. – It can’t be – I don’t understand – Sony please do it, take my money, I will throw my money at you if you give me one of these with a flip out screen. – Thank you so much – Thank you David. – You’re welcome. – Keep him here, you can look after Maddie, and just bring stuff. – Maddie, he loves you, he’s like you can’t ever leave me. Well, this was some of our favorite tech of 2018, I’m so excited for next year. Are you going to CES this year? – I think I will be, yeah, you’ll be there right? – Okay, great, yes I will, we’ll meet up at the DGI booth again.

– See you there. – It’ll be fun. Well thank you guys so much for watching. Be sure to go check out his channel and subscribe. I’ll put all the links in the description. And I feel like annotations are not what they, they’re gone now – Yeah I saw that. – The cards, we still have the cards, I haven’t used an annotation in a really long time in play. – Yeah same, same. – So it’s okay. – They don’t work on flip mobile anyway, because people watch videos on mobile. – Yeah, so, well thanks for watching. Let us know also in the comments below what your favorite tech is of 2018. – Thanks for having me. – Yes thanks, this was so fun. – So awesome to be a channel and here next to you. – I can’t believe you’re here. – Yeah, finally. – This is weird. – This is awesome, it’s like the opposite side of the world. – It is. – And I brought the weather along with me just for you to see. – But at least I have a white wall so you feel at home.

– Yeah, actually yeah it’s pretty similar isn’t it? – It’s great. – Yeah, awesome. Thanks for having me and we’re gonna be having Justine on the channel as well. – Yay. Okay, bye. – Bye. (upbeat music) .

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