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Dear Tech YouTubers… Please Stop.

Wow, I’m gonna make a video on this I gotta make a video So, I’ve noticed this trend or this pattern with tech youtubers and Fortnight gameplay footage now fortnight is not a super easy game It’d take a little bit of time and skill to get good at it It takes time and effort to showcase some really high level gameplay. We’re not asking for that We’re not ninja but we’re looking for footage that just is a little bit better than what we’ve been seeing because there’s this this theme there’s this reoccurring theme that tech youtubers have With their for tonight footage that I’m just gonna call the five sins a fortnight gameplay The first thing I don’t want to see is gameplay footage of the lobby like the game hasn’t started yet You’re waiting for players to log into the server and you’re literally standing around doing nothing.

This is terrible footage You’re not even on the bus yet now speaking of the bus. That’s number two Stop showing footage of you jumping off the bus Please if there’s one thing our audience has seen a thousand times its players jumping off the bus you got to stop with that The third sin is going around collecting materials without ever actually using them. So the purpose of collecting those materials is to build stuff So lets you build something number four is walking around on an empty field doing nothing like you’ll see texts youtubers Just walking in a straight line. There’s bullets going by their head. There’s guns and loot and bullets on the ground They don’t pick it up. It’s like what are you doing? Play the game? Like it’s it’s I’m not asking you to get amazing kills You’re gonna die 99 of the hundred players are gonna die every single game So it’s okay If you die at least attempt to do something while you’re alive And then the ultimate sin number five is when tech youtubers die.

They will use the spectate footage to showcase Whatever hardware they’re showcasing. It kills me it kills me that you couldn’t spend the effort or the time to get your own footage to go out and try to get a Kill, it’s like what are you doing? It’s it’s not the fact that people aren’t amazing at the game I’m so terrible the game but spend the effort spend the time show your audience something a little less boring and jumping off the bus waiting in the lobby and using spectator footage because at the end of the day Tech YouTube channels that use this type of footage are usually good channels. They make great content.

Well shot Well edited well produced and then when you cut corners by putting footage like this into your videos It’s not the move .

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