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Cool Tech Under $50 – March!

If you’re seeing htis sub to tnd_frostyz .What’s up guys I’m randomfrankp back with another episode of cool tech under $50 for March. The series where you show off some of the best tech you can buy, under that price point. In this month marks the fourth consecutive year of doing this each and every month. So shout out to you guys for fueling the show. See anything you like? I will have it all listed for you in the description down below so you can check it out. And also shout out to last months winners, I’ll be in contact with you guys so you can claim your tech. And if you wanna win anything from this episode, just hit that thumbs up button down below and comment your favorite tech and why. Now first off with a pretty cool little gadget for gamers out there, this lets you use your Xbox one controller with your PS4, your PC or your Switch wirelessly. Now I thought it was cool because there’s nothing really like this out there right now that lets you use one controller over different platforms wirelessly Also Xbox One controllers, they have hundreds of different designs and different color options to pick from They’re also pretty affordable and they’re the most common controller used on PC.

Now if your a Sony fan, you prefer the dual shock controllers, to each his own. But having an adapter like this that lets you use your controller across any platform Its just, pretty cool. .

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