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CES 2017 – LG goes big on IOT, AI and Cloud

Hi! We’re here at the LG booth at CES AI, IOT and cloud These are the buzz words for LG this year and they feature prominently in their product lineup to make it a whole lot smarter LG unveiled its very own home assistant, the Hub robot It connects you to your home and all your smart IOT appliances using voice commands You can tell it to play you some music, turn on your vacuum Anything you can think of All from the comforts of your couch It even has this cute little mini version the Hub robot mini LG SIGNATURE offers state-of-the-art living experience LG SIGNATURE encompass a wide array of products including OLED TV, projector, washing machine and air purifier Through the continuous research and development LG has introduced wide ranging premium products Although our product design slowly changed they share an iconic identity

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